Nicole Snell | Building Confidence Through Self-Defense
Listen to this episode from TRAINED on Spotify. The fear of taking a solo trip or even just a late-night walk can be very real — especially for women and people of color. Self-defense expert and Girls Fight Back CEO Nicole Snell has had her own share of scary encounters. But through her passion for going it alone, she’s also had life-changing and life-affirming experiences. Tapping into hundreds of hours of mental and physical self-defense training, she knows how to spot danger and take control of a rapidly changing situation. Now she’s educating others — especially those in BIPOC communities — to do the same. On this episode, she breaks down why self-defense is rarely about eye gouges and groin kicks, explains why you don’t need Karate Kid–level fighting skills to have your own back, and gives firsthand testimony on why solo travel is totally worth it.  Learn MoreShocked by the stats on women runners being harassed? Get all the numbers here.Check out Nicole’s full credentials and the various programs she leads.Motivated to get after it outside? Nike’s got just the shoes for that.
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